Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Informix on Campus - back online

I am happy to announce that the migration of the Informix on Campus wiki is complete and the site is back online! The URL has changed and so please update your bookmarks - https://www.ibm.com/developerworks/connect/informixoncampus. In a week or two, all the major search engines should have this wiki indexed.

If you are wondering what has changed within the wiki... not much really. The content is still the same. I have added a few topics that were missing before, in the lecture series for Informix in a Box. However, the new wiki is much more social! You can leave feedback, email, subscribe, Facebook, Twitter, etc. directly from any wiki page. Internally, organizing the wiki pages is a bit easier for us.

Do you think we can add something relevant to this wiki? Or see a topic missing? Are you interested in contributing to the contents of the Informix on Campus wiki? Contact us and let us know. (Send email to: idsoncampus at us.ibm.com)

Friday, April 19, 2013

Service Interruption

For many members of the Informix community, this is the busiest and the fun part of the year! Yes, I am referring to our annual IIUG Conference about to open on Sunday, April 21st in San Diego, California. I hope to see many familiar and new faces at the conference this year.

In your busy schedule, if you have not visited the Informix on Campus wiki hosted on the IBM developerWorks domain recently (within the last one week) it is completely understandable. For anyone who might have tried to visit the site, to your complete astonishment you would have noticed that the site has disappeared without any warning. This happened mainly due to the change in the underlying application being used by developWorks. However, due to various reasons some of us were blindsided by this change. Do not despair, this is not the end!

Fortunately, we have a complete back up of the old wiki and we have not lost any data. However, it is going to take me some time to migrate the contents to the new format. By the end of this month (after the IIUG conference), we should have a brand new home with all the great Informix education material. I will post another update once the migration is completed. I apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Simply Powerful

If you are wondering why there has not been any new post in this blog for a long time, I have a very good excuse! We have been working hard to bring you the newest version of Informix. This latest version, code named Centaurus, is faster, smarter, and easier to use. I can already feel your next questions - When is it coming out? What is new in it?

We have a special webcast scheduled for March 26th, 2013 @ 1PM ET, where Jerry Keesee (Worldwide Director of Informix Development) and John Miller (Lead Architect, IBM Informix) will talk about what this newest release has in store for you. Don't miss out, register for the webcast right now - click here to register. Open your calendar and save this event.

Many of our fans who participated in the Early Validation Program (beta), have given us great feedback. Here is a recent blog post from one of our participants.

You can't wait for the webcast? Well... here's a 'teaser' video.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Informix on Campus at IIUG 2012 Conference

Last week I had the pleasure to be a part of IIUG 2012 conference in (almost) sunny San Diego. The wonderful organizers of the conference did it again! In fact they outdid themselves in several ways. With a sold out hotel, a record number of sessions, and an increased number of users as well as total attendees, it was a great atmosphere. You can read more about the conference in the current edition of IIUG Insider newsletter (Issue #142).

The conference organizers once again welcomed IBM to invite and host faculty members from the regional universities on April 24th, the second day of the conference. We had two faculty members  from two universities at the conference: California State University at Long Beach, and University of Redlands. In addition, we had a representative who is also an Informix user from The University of Iowa. The faculty members were given a one day pass to the conference which included an invitation to Tuesday's keynote, conference sessions, demos, and a round table discussion with the IBM Informix and the IIUG leaders. At the round table, the attendees learnt about the latest Informix technologies, the role of Informix in the database market, and its role in the IBM Smarter Planet initiative.

This year another great thing happened on the academic front. For the first time, the IIUG Directors Award was bestowed upon a faculty member. Dr. Mirta Baranovic from the University of Zagreb, who has been teaching Informix to her students since the 1980s, won the IIUG Directors Award for 2012. You can read more about her passion and contributions to the Informix community here.

All the faculty members that attended the conference and the round table session found it very valuable and are looking forward to collaborating with IBM this Summer/Fall. A big thanks to everyone at IBM and IIUG who made this event a grand success!!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Informix was at CCSC Central Plains Conference

Hello everyone! It's been a while since we had any significant updates. It may appear like Informix on Campus activities pick up during the first half of every year and then slow down during the latter. The truth is that our efforts during the second half of the year usually sets up the stage for our activities during the first half.

On March 30th and 31st, representing IBM Informix, I attended the 18th annual Consortium for Computing Sciences in Colleges (CCSC) Central Plains conference. It was held at the Ozarks Technical Community College in Springfield, MO. There were about 150 participants including students and faculty. Most of the faculty were from universities in Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, Arkansas, and Nebraska. However there were a few from as far away as California, Lousiana, and Michigan.

At the conference, Informix participated as a vendor and I was given an one hour session to present what we have to offer. About half the audience were faculty who were primarily focused on teaching and the rest were students. Below is a glimpse of the room starting to fill up well before the session.

I presented the session titled "IBM Informix TimeSeries Revolution". True to the title, I spent the majority of the time talking about Informix TimeSeries, how it is uniquely positioned in the market, and why the faculty and students should start adopting it. The attendees were impressed with the technology. In addition,  I talked about IBM academic initiative and how faculty can take advantage of the Informix in a Box program. The attendees also received a DVD that contains the Informix lecture series and the Virtual Appliance. During the conference, I also had the opportunity to talk to several faculty members and tell them about Informix and our campus activities across many universities.

IIUG2012 conference is only two weeks away! Hope to see a lot of the Informix community in San Diego. If you want to get involved or have any questions about "Informix on Campus" activities, contact us at idsoncampus at us.ibm.com

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Faculty from regional universities at IIUG 2011 conference.

I know this is quite a late post! But hey, it is "better late than never", right?

The wonderful organizers of IIUG 2011 conference allowed IBM to invite and host faculty members from the regional universities on May 16th, the first day of the conference. We had a good response from the major universities in this area. Six faculty members from five university campuses were at the conference: University of Missouri-Kansas City, University of Kansas (Lawrence campus), University of Kansas (Edwards campus), Kansas State University, and Northwest Missouri State University. The faculty members were given a one day pass to the conference which included an invitation to Monday's keynote, conference sessions, demos, a round table discussion with the IBM Informix team, lunch, and dinner. They also had an opportunity to meet with the keynote speaker Dr. David Ferrucci and discuss topics related to education and research in academia.

Dr. Ferrucci (second from left) with some of the faculty members
Following lunch, the faculty members participated in a round table discussion with the IBM Informix team. They were presented with an overview of Informix architecture, Informix usage in the database market, and its role in the IBM Smarter Planet initiative. They also learnt about what IBM has to offer to the academic community and how they can partner with IBM in producing a skilled workforce.

Prof. Praveen Rao from University of Missouri-Kansas City also presented a conference session in which he shared his experience collaborating with the IBM Informix team and the usage of Informix in his classes. He has been offering courses for the past two semesters that use Informix in the IBM Development and Test cloud as well as the Informix Virtual Appliance.

IIUG 2011 conference turned out to be an great event for the Informix on Campus initiative. All the faculty members that attended found it very valuable and are looking forward to collaborating with IBM this Fall. A big thanks to everyone at IBM and IIUG who made this event a great success!!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Informix on Campus in Brazil

Last week, from 05/30/2011 to 06/03/2011, was performed in Campo Grande, MS, Brazil, the first Informix course via IBM On Campus project, named Introduction to Informix.

Students, and Alexandre Marini / Miguel Carbone

The event was realized on SGI - Superintendência de Gestão da Informação - from SEFAZ-MS, with 24 students participating, together with UFMS - Universidade Federal de Mato Grosso do Sul, one of our local Universities.

Course topics covered the following subjects:


Despite our few machines limitation (in lab) to the course, general avaliation was extremely good, since students that would never heard about Informix, considered it a good choice to their database studies area, as one more technology to be aplied on labor market, with several case studies presented in classes, including great companies and industrial utilizations around the world, in their several sectors, and also market comparisons.
Mr Alexandre Marini thought the students, with a great help from Mr Miguel Carbone (thanks a lot, Miguel)!

Mr Alexandre Marini

Mr Miguel Carbone

We appreciate every student participation, and we´d like to congratulate: Mr Pradeep Natarajan, Mss Veronica Gomes (they really helped in every possible ways - time was short), and also send special thanks to Vanessa (Alexandre Marini´s wife), who kindly made some cakes to the students celebrate the last day.

The cakes - students really loved it!

Students on coffee-break. Thanks, Vanessa!

(Some course pictures are also available in our BRIUG community on Facebook! Check it out...)

We hope this is the first Brazilian course, from many others that will come. It´s always a great opportunity to spread our excellent product to students who will be working in a couple of years on our local markets.

Best regards!