Saturday, September 11, 2010

Informix in a Box at UPTC, Colombia

The tour continues!!! Informix on Campus visited Pedagogic and Technological University of Colombia (UPTC) in Tunja, Colombia. Packed with students, professors and faculty deans, the delivery of a two-day Informix in a Box by Gustavo Castro, Engineer from our Informix High Availability Development team, was a success. Gustavo enchanted them with historical information about database technology, comparison of vendors designs and technical details of a couple of our patented mechanisms. All these, additional to his task in hand of  introducing Informix fundamentals to the 31  participants in the room hungry of knowledge.

UPTC will host the V National and I International Conference in Research in Computers and  Information Technology in October 6-8 and IBM has been invited to present our Informix Spatial technology to 300 participants. More information about the event at

Patricia Rubio introducing the Initiative to the audience
Gustavo showing the content of $INFORMIXDIR/bin
Graduation time

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Universidad Juan de Castellanos receives Informix on Campus

Located in Tunja (Boyacá), at 122 kilometers from Bogotá, Juan de Castellanos hosted an Informix in a Box, with the attendance of 25 students and 3 professors. The workshop was delivered on September, 2010 by Gustavo Castro, Engineer from the Informix Development High Availability team at IBM. Professors and students enjoyed learning and doing the exercises while Gustavo enjoyed their hospitality, learned about Villa de Leiva's history, an old town close by, founded in 1572 that keeps the architecture of the colonial times intact and it's surrounded by the most beautiful natural landscape.

Thank you Juan de Castellanos for a wonderful time at your Campus!! Visit them at

Professors and studeinpaying attention to Gustavos presentation

The Faculty Dean by the door 


Informix on Campus visited Politécnico Grancolombiano in Bogotá, Colombia

Informix on Campus visited Politécnico Grancolombiano in Bogotá, Colombia back in June, 2010. We provided a ten-hour workshop on introduction to Informix. Frank Arias one of our Informix Advanced Support Engineers at IBM Software Group was the instructor and took the students and professors attending the training through Informix Fundamentals and features and helped them understand the concepts through practical exercises and examples.

In August 17th the school hosted an IBM day to give students and Faculty members the opportunity to learn about the technology that IBM offers and how it's being used. That day we inaugurated the Informix Room and Ivan Rojas, Sales Help Manager, presented a technical chat about our Informix Enterprise Replication feature.

Politécnico Grancolombiano signed the IBM Academic Initiative Agreement and has started to explore the IBM portfolio. Informix is already installed and ready to play with it ,in the Informix Room, and will be an alternative for students to develop their projects on as soon as this semester.

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