Saturday, September 11, 2010

Universidad Juan de Castellanos receives Informix on Campus

Located in Tunja (Boyacá), at 122 kilometers from Bogotá, Juan de Castellanos hosted an Informix in a Box, with the attendance of 25 students and 3 professors. The workshop was delivered on September, 2010 by Gustavo Castro, Engineer from the Informix Development High Availability team at IBM. Professors and students enjoyed learning and doing the exercises while Gustavo enjoyed their hospitality, learned about Villa de Leiva's history, an old town close by, founded in 1572 that keeps the architecture of the colonial times intact and it's surrounded by the most beautiful natural landscape.

Thank you Juan de Castellanos for a wonderful time at your Campus!! Visit them at

Professors and studeinpaying attention to Gustavos presentation

The Faculty Dean by the door 


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