Monday, May 17, 2010

Rochester Institute of Technology gets a visit

Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) welcomed Informix as Mark Ashworth and Pamela Siebert gave another three-hour workshop to its surprising mix of students - spanning from many departments in computing: Information Technology, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Networking Security, and Applied Computing. Not only that but there were also a mix of both deaf and hearing students. RIT is well known for its superior support and program for the deaf and hard of hearing students.

RIT Informix on Campus coordinator Mark Wambach poses with Pamela Siebert. Mark was her tutor when she was a student at RIT back then!

There were over thirty students and faculty members in attendance, and we introduced Informix to them, talking about its architecture, features, and most especially on blades. Hands on labs were provided on both the introduction and the blades.

We also talked about OpenAdminTool, a PHP-based Web browser administration tool for managing one or more Informix Dynamic Servers. It allows the users to monitor and administrate their IDS instances from a single location - especially from the mobile phone.

The session was very well-received and everyone especially enjoyed the pizza, t-shirts, dvds, and certificate of completion.

Please contact us at idsoncampus at if you are interested in us visiting your college!


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