Monday, May 17, 2010

Visit at St. John Fisher College

Informix on Campus visited St. John Fisher College in Rochester, New York back in April. We provided a three-hour workshop on introduction to Informix and talked about blades. Mark Ashworth, our Informix Extensibility Architect showed enthusiasm when presenting on blades. Pamela Siebert, a software test engineer, introduced Informix and talked about the demos.

The Grid Slicer demo was introduced to show some of the strengths of Informix. This demo allows users to extract 2D slices from a 3D gridded 1.6GB sample from a male dataset of the Visible Human project of the US National Library of Medicine.

We also talked about how Informix is part of the soccer game - it helps IMPIRE to generate and feed soccer statistics for the major German TV broadcasting, real-time.

The hands-on lab activity was also conducted to get the students familiar with Informix.

Overall, it was a success and Informix presence was made known to the Computer Science Department.

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